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  Welcome to our web site!  

Tri State Child Health Services, Inc. is a pediatric Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO) actively involved in the medical care of the children in our community.  Part of our approach to achieve perfect medical care is orchestrating quality of care improvement projects between primary care physicians, community specialists and the specialists and specialty clinics within Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. 

Because it occurs so frequently, our current area of focus is children with asthma.  We are into our seventh year of the project, and are seeing improved outcomes for patients and their families.  Using tested and documented improvement methods and actively engaging our primary care practices, we are seeing a trend of fewer school/work days missed, less hospital admissions and less emergency room and urgent care visits.  Parents are reporting to their primary care physicians that they are grateful for the extra education and attention they and their children are receiving during regular office visits.  A big part of the project is helping the children and their families manage the asthma more effectively, giving them a sense of accomplishment and providing a practical, confident way of managing what can sometimes be a difficult condition.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is involved in additional improvement work for other conditions (e.g. ADHD, diabetes) within its clinics and even sponsors a school-based asthma initiative.  The PHO is following this lead and will be adding additional medical conditions to its list of improvement initiatives.

A listing of our primary care practices can be found on the Patient/Family tab.  Each line item has a link to each provider location.  Here you’ll also find information regarding our community-based specialists and the facilities of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

For detailed information about the techniques used in our asthma care improvement initiative, check out the About Us tab. 

Thanks for visiting our web site.  The content is updated regularly, so please join us periodically for new information!


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