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Quality Initiatives:

The Physician Hospital Organization works to improve the health of the community by orchestrating quality of care improvement projects among primary care physicians, community specialists and the specialty clinics within Cincinnati Children’s Hospital so that everyone works together efficiently and productively.

The initial focus of Clinical Integration in the PHO was the Asthma Care in the Community Initiative. This initiative had three primary objectives.

1. Achieve measurable improvement in evidence-based process and outcome measures for children with asthma.

2. Embed a higher level of improvement knowledge and capability within practices, thus enhancing long-term sustainability of improvement efforts.

3. Develop and spread models for engaging community physicians in improvement initiatives to practices within and beyond the region.

Click this link to see the most recent Asthma monthly report.

This highly successful initiative demonstrated significant improvement across a broad range of process and outcome measures related to chronic Asthma. Beginning in 2017 the program will transition to Sustainability mode, due to the fact processes that were initially interventions have now been fully operationalized in practice. The goal is to maintain gains that have been achieved. We will continue to monitor a core set of measures to ensure that program outcomes continue to improve the lives of our asthmatic patients.

The PHO began to expand its Clinical Integration in 2016 by implementing a collaboration with the Gastroenterology Division at CCHMC. The effort is focused on identifying patients with Constipation and working to ensure that they treated in accordance with evidence-based protocol in the primary care setting. Process and outcome measures have been defined and are being tracked both in the primary care and specialist setting. To date over 1500 initial visits and follow up visits for Constipation have been documented by the community practices. We continue to analyze data and develop interventions designed to improve outcomes for the target population.

Click this link to see the most recent Constipation monthly report.

Today, based off feedback from our members, the PHO will begin adding the option of participation in three additional initiatives being developed collaboratively between the primary care practices of OVPCA and the Specialty Divisions at CCHMC.

1) Anxiety and Depression with the Behavioral Health Division

2) Migraine Headache with the Division of Neurology

3) Adolescent Female Sexual Health and Contraception with the Gynecology Division

Teams of physicians dedicated to each of these programs will develop protocol and decision support tools that will be pilot tested for implementation in the primary care setting. We will develop a measurement and reporting strategy to monitor results, intervene as needed during the pilot phases of each of these projects and ultimately will do a network wide roll out.

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